Internet Advertising for Small Business

We Move your Visitors from Curiosity to Customer.

Powerful Marketing with a built-in Online Sales System
that turns Visitors into Sales.

This Results in Lower Advertising Costs and More Sales.

100% – Fully Automated Online Sales System

Traffic alone does not generate leads. To Close Sales, your Visitors must be Nurtured.

Because we are Sales Oriented, all of our Advanced Services include the benefit of a Full Online Sales Process. We develop customers, not just clicks – and that results in more sales and lower ad costs.

We don’t just send traffic to your website and hope a lead will  connect with you. The fully automated online sales system we build for you actually nurtures your prospect – setting you up for new sales and solid referrals.

Our Services

Our Advanced Service focuses on Sales.
We Move Your Prospect from Reader to Lead to Customer,
Setting you up for New Sales and Solid Referrals.

Advanced AdWords Campaigns

One of the most cost-effective ways to get New Customers.

Marketing that Moves Your Prospects from
Reader to Lead to Customer.

Advanced SEO

(Search Engine Optimization)

Skip the long wait getting to Page One of Google and
Start Attracting Leads Now.

We Start Attracting Customers from Day 1!

Our SEO methods Advertise Your Business, Products and Services and Build your Brand
While you are Ranking!

Advanced Facebook Campaigns

Lead Generation with
Precision Targeting.
Get your Business in front of the right Buyers.

Website Design & Hosting

Need a Small Business Website?
We can have your company Website online, in as little as
5 business days!

Secure & Fully Hosted


Why “Advanced” Services?

✅ EVERY Service we offer is about Making Sales.

✅ EVERY Service we offer includes a Fully Automated Online Sales System.

✅ EVERY Service we offer includes a stand-alone website dedicated to your sales.

✅ Why? – Because Lead Generation is about giving you the opportunity to Close the Sale – Our fully automated online sales system is the key to making that happen.

Enhanced Video Marketing

Video Establishes your Relationship with  Prospects
Before they they ever meet You!

Isn’t it easier to buy from someone you know?

Are You Closing Sales?

Closing sales is more than just driving traffic to your Website.

Does your Business have a Search Engine Strategy?

Do you have an Automated Followup/Nurture Process?

Do you have Specific Landing Pages for your Paid Traffic?

Have you Identified what gets your visitors to say YES to your business, products, or services?

We create the opportunity for you to Close Sales. Each point above is part of that process – And we can help.

Do You Know
What Your Internet Marketing Needs?

Watch the Video to Learn the 3 Key Principles to Online Marketing Success and The 5 Critical Components that make it all work together.

Reader to Lead to Customer.

I’m certain at one point or another you were told your business needs a website and you need exposure or visibility, and although certain elements of that are true . . . 

The visibility you must have to convert leads to sales is:

  • Right Page
  • Right Message
  • Right Audience

We design your custom nurture sequence to convert prospects to leads by positioning you as an Authority in your market.

This sets you apart from your competition and gives you a steady stream of referrals – so no matter how they initially connect with you . . . we can bring them into your sales process.

A Stand-Alone Website Dedicated to Your Sales.

This is where the magic happens.

In order to move a reader to action, and begin walking them down
the path to becoming a Customer you need to give that reader
a reason to act – a reason to say YES to what you offer . . .

and, It all comes together here.

Every campaign we run, Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, Video even our SEO . . . we match and tune Specific Landing Pages to your audiance – All built on a stand-alone dedicated website and focused on sales.  This is where your Online Sales System lives. 

We call this your Lead Conversion Site.

Your site will be dedicated to moving your readers into becoming leads and will not interefere with your current website.

We remove the need for, and extra expense of, modifying your exisiting site to achive your paid traffic goals.

Fully Google compliant and mobile responsive your site will contain the custom set of tools necessary to Generate Sales Opportunities for Your Business.

A Goal without a Plan
is just a wish.

Our Custom Process & Workflow always starts with a Plan.

A Custom Strategy that we build for you based on your Business, Products, Services and Goals. It’s part of our comitment to personal service and your success.

We will ask you a few key questions about what you do, your services, what you sell etc. and to understand your goals and business.

The best place to start with a 20 minute complimentarty call.

If after our call you believe we are a good fit for you then we will take the next steps together. You can Book Your Call by clicking the buton below.

Target Market Research

We do our homework.
Our propritary methods clearly identify you target audiance.
and Give you an Edge.

Custom Online Sales Funnel

Lead Generation without sales
is just Traffic.
Bring your visitors into your sales Process – No Missing Components.

Custom Sales and Landing Pages
Specifically designed and focused to establish a connection
with your “ready-buyer”.
Run & Optimize Campaigns
Tuning your Ads and/or SEO
to your “ready-buyer.”
Lower Ad costs & increased conversions.

Join Our Happy Clients –

“Gregory & the One Loop Marketing team really care about the success of my business and have gone above and beyond providing consulting for my Online Marketing Campaign. Their understanding of PPC campaigns is the best strategy . . .    I couldn’t be more pleased with their service and commitment to helping me succeed.”
– Renee Frisbie
Owner, Brandmagic LA

“We have been using One Loop Marketing for several years now . . . They listen and come up with the strategy . . . If you need SEO, Video, Google etc, then call this outfit. They will take care of you.”
– Grant Linhart, President
ICS of Colorado

“I am getting amazing feedback! One Loop Marketing provided a great experience.
Our strategy was video. . . My video was ranked on the first page of Google within days and I get amazing feedback from anyone who views it.
Thank you Gregory!”
– Christie Banowetz, Realtor

“Having worked with Gregory on several projects, I can highly recommend One Loop Marketing as an ally in your local marketing efforts. This market space is full of organizations that are long on promises and short on results. This organization has a good understanding of the market space and how to get result in it. I would trust them in hot second.”
– Jim Anderton
Multi-Business Owner

Let’s Work Together

In order for us to have a meaningful discussion about your online marketing needs, We need to ask you a few questions about your business.

Nothing too crazy. We just need to understand a bit more about what you sell, your services, etc.

That way we can do some preliminary research and have a good call!

After answering those questions you will be taken to our Online Calendar where you can book a call with one of our team members.