The power of marketing lies in the many marketing practices. A good strategy allows the smallest of budgets to penetrate their market.

Back in the old days, marketing and its advertising effectiveness had an obvious barrier to entry. 

Remember what it was like before the digital marketing revolution? You passed out flyers, went to networking events or groups . . . and begged wealthy connections for access.

Let’s leave behind that antiquated way of looking at marketing. We’ll show you right here – just how much opportunity to succeed is waiting for you!

Whether you’re new to digital marketing or just feel like it isn’t working for you, we have 10 avenues that you need to be using.

These practices aren’t just suggestions, you need to be using them if you want to compete in 2018. 

As much as 72% of marketers have their strategy planned out. 30% of them are doing it by the book, while 42% are using a proprietary, custom strategy.

Get your pen and pad (or Word document) ready, this is a list of 10 marketing practices you need to know right now.

1. Create Video Explainers

We start with the easiest and most effective marketing practice. 

Video is one of the most impactful mediums out there for a marketer. People connect on a much more personal level with simple explainer videos.

Video Explainers show real, tangible value to the customer, creating trust and a lasting relationship with your brand. 

You don’t need flashy videos with high production values to start benefiting from them. 

You can boost your reach and visibility now. Then increase your production budget as sales and conversions grow.

2. Exclusivity

This one goes hand-in-hand with many marketing practices. Producing unique, novel, and exclusive content gives people reason to remember your brand. 

Exclusivity grants more followers, social media signals, subscribers, and loyal supporters. You don’t need to be 100% original in content to qualify as exclusive.

There is great value in creating infographics. You can use studies and statistics. You can create listicles to compile information in digestible formats. Those are some of the more popular examples. 

While you should definitely invest in original content . . . you can create a sustainable drip of exclusive content with a little research.

3. Interview VIPs

A powerful and very valuable and help establish your brand is to interview VIPs. Setting up interviews with these industry leaders, moguls, enthusiasts, brings rapid awareness. 

Don’t forget to interview your customers as well. They can give your brand legitimacy through testimonials. You can become recognized as an authority in your market and generate referrals.

Interviews make for great video and podcast content, if you choose to go that route. They also make for good platforms to show that your company listens and takes feedback seriously.

Taking interviews on this and other platforms presents an even greater potential. Used properly they can increase your reach and should be actively pursued.

4. Polling, Surveys, and Q&As

Another great interactive set of marketing practices includes polling, surveys, and Q&As.

These three forms of customer feedback don’t just make your company more accessible to the public . . . they provide you valuable marketing data.

You can use this information to further marketing strategy. You can refine your products or services, and make improvements. You will be able to glean valuable analytics and spot trends, needs, and buying habits.

5. Curating Content

Your objective should be to offer relevant information for defining your target demographic. This will underscore your understanding and skill in your field. 

This is especially helpful for enhancing an authoritative piece. It’s great to repurpose your past content give it new life and get more reads, as well.

As opposed to generating brand new content . . . add analysis to existing content pieces helping your customers to better comprehend the problem you are solving. 

This type of marketing practice works great. You’ll find, using it in tandem with a weekly or a monthly newsletters and social media posts, it will provide value to your target audience.

6. Brand Culture

Always create a culture around your brand as soon as possible in your marketing process. Without an identity that transcends standard business practices, you could get lost in the noise . . . so to speak. You want your target audience to feel like they’re a part of what you’re doing.

To do this well, you should give commentary alongside your content. 

This can be in the form of side-notes, interviews, follow-up posts. Even adding featured guest posts on other blogs or content platforms can be very effective.

7. Utilize Smart SEO

This is a part of advertising that we are very proud of because of our success with it. But, at the same time, it’s a territory that many clients are unreasonably intimidated by.

Indeed, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be esoteric, impersonal and geeky. But it can also be very helpful, particularly for smaller, local businesses. 

What’s more . . . when you figure out how to use it well and you learn SEO techniques the correct way . . . it’s long-term gains pay of tremendously.

Just be sure that you contract your work with reputable SEO services. Breaking any SEO rules could become a marketing disaster that is difficult to recover from. But done right – pays dividends in search engine marketing!

8. Find Influencers

If you want to be successful in the age of of social media, you can’t do it alone.

More than social media marketing under your own roof, or a hired team, you will need to tap into social “influencers.”

These are the equivalent of social celebrities. They may be entertainers but are more accurately, personalities. They can help your brand gain recognition.

How valuable are these influencers? Well, 60% of people are more likely to make a purchase from you . . . if your busienss, products or services are endorsed by an influencer with a large following. 

For those just starting out, targeting micro-influencers with tens of thousands of followers is a good compromise.

The key is collaborating with an influencer that best represents your niche. Especially if they have access to the demographics that you are unable to reach alone.

9. Email Marketing

The importance of a strong email list cannot be overstated. Email marketing compliments any “online automated sales funnel” for your content campaign. 

Tens of thousands of customers can be automatically informed within minutes. They can be nurtured and funneled into potential sales with little effort.

Emails still provide you with great personal relationship building. Targeted remarketing, and market segment reach can be increased and will strengthen ROI.

Leverage the Best Marketing Practices

Now that you know what goes into an inclusive and multi-faceted marketing strategy, you’ll need to find a team to execute. 

At One Loop Marketing, we offer a comprehensive marketing service. We put all the best marketing practices into an effective and cohesive search engine strategy for you.

We can custom tailor a digital marketing strategy to your needs and goals. We can work to keep your marketing within budget while growing your sales.

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