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How to Repurpose Old Blog Content into Brand New Videos

How to Repurpose Old Blog Content into Brand New Videos Businesses spend hours creating written content without seeing a large return on investment. Steep competition blocks search rankings while small social followings limit the content's exposure. Businesses often...

6 Incredible Benefits of Content Marketing for SEO

6 Incredible Benefits of Content Marketing for SEO What does it mean for your online presence when 70% of users would prefer to learn about your company by reading an article than by viewing an ad? It means it's time to start writing. In fact, there are many benefits...

8 Tips to Help Your Business Dominate Local SEO

8 Tips to Help Your Business Dominate Local SEO Let's face it. Having an SEO (search engine optimization) campaign is now synonymous with having a website. After all, it's one of the most effective ways to tap into the nearly 47% of the global population with access...

How to Boost Website Traffic Using Social Media

How to Boost Website Traffic Using Social Media You're about to learn how to multiply your website traffic and increase views. Ready? The amount of traffic you've garnered on your website has potential to exponentially increase with this one special tool: social...

10 Tips For a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

10 Tips For a Successful Email Marketing Campaign Businesses have more opportunities than ever to reach their target audience. Thanks to digital marketing, businesses can get far better results with less money and effort. And as digital marketing gets increasingly...

7 Signs You Need a New Marketing Strategy

7 Signs You Need a New Marketing Strategy There are 28 million small businesses in the United States. And that number just keeps on growing. So how in the world can your business stand out from the crowd? One of the best ways is through a strong marketing...

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Dan McGrath
Dan McGrath
13:27 21 Aug 19
One Loop marketing is the place to go for the best targeting marketing on the internet right now. If you are in one of many in your field, you need to stand out and One Loop has the tools to help you stand more
Ryan Nguyen
Ryan Nguyen
22:21 20 Aug 19
I highly recommend One Loop Marketing to deep dive and manage your online marketing. Gregory really knows what he's doing and he works really hard to find the language that your target audience is speaking and helps you communicate that to them. If you're on the fence about online marketing, I would consider going with Gregory as the ROI will definitely be worth it!read more
Jacqueline Specht
Jacqueline Specht
02:35 30 Jul 19
Gregory at One Loop Marketing is amazing! His technical knowledge runs deep. It pairs with the fact that he is an excellent translator when it comes to helping companies identify their leverages points. He knows exactly how to turn those points into magnets through thoughtfully architected Google Ads. His technique is strategic, targeted and highly effective. Every company should be doing this, or thinking about when they will be doing this!read more
Brianna Springer
Brianna Springer
18:23 06 Jun 19
Greg is so incredibly good at what he does. He has an extensive background in online advertising and understands the psychology of sales. He sits down with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your company's objectives and has a very cool process of identifying key words in order to market directly to your target market and not waste your money on marketing to people who aren't specifically looking for you. Highly recommend Greg for online marketing!!!!read more
Christie Banowetz
Christie Banowetz
02:45 04 Apr 17
I am getting amazing feedback! One Loop Marketing provided a great experience. Our strategy was video. It's not easy sitting in front of a camera but they made it easy and the questions he asked really brought out the best in my story. My video was ranked on the first page of Google within days and I get amazing feedback from anyone who views it. Thank you Gregory!read more
Renee Frisbie
Renee Frisbie
21:24 22 Feb 17
Gregory & the One Loop Marketing team really care about the success of my business and have gone above and beyond providing consulting for my Online Marketing Campaign. Their understanding of PPC campaigns is the best strategy I have seen to date. They have helped me reach a greater understanding of Online Marketing Do's and Don'ts, as well providing a comprehensive understanding of ROI of Internet Marketing and how to build a successful Internet Marketing Strategy for my business. I am so much clearer moving forward, and have the confidence in that my new business strategy will be a great success. I couldn't be more pleased with their service and commitment to helping me succeed.” Renee Frisbie Owner, Brandmagic LAread more
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