The Keys to Successful Online Marketing

Check out our video to Learn How Online Advertising Works and how people find your business online.

This is a 10,000-foot view of who is searching for your business, products or services right now.

100% – Sales Focused Online Marketing:

Shouldn’t you get the most out of your Online Advertising dollars?

Sales are fundamental to your business. Without sales, we wouldn’t have a business. The custom Online Sales System (Sales Funnel) we build for your marketing campaign is designed to encourage and nurture your visitors into leads.

Having a clear Search Engine Strategy and Automated Online Nurture System can make that happen. 

Is Your Business Losing Sales?

Do you have a STRATEGY?
Most people believe online advertising success is “Getting to the top of Google” and “that visibility” will bring them the sales and success they need.

But visibility alone does not equal success. It is only one component of the sales system. That is why every business needs a Search Engine Strategy. Online visibility is important but it is just the start.

For your business to find lasting success you must be able to attract the right audience and then convert that audience (web traffic) into sales opportunities.

Are You Nurturing Your Visitors into Sales?

When your visitors give you their email address thru your website or advertising to get more information about a business, services or products. – They have taken the 1st step in trusting you.

A Nurture Sales Process establishes a relationship with them and deepens that trust.  Our built-in follow-up email sequence keeps you “top-of-mind” and brings them into your sales process.

Follow-up emails keep the attention of your audience on your business, services or products. It “Builds your Brand” and “Establishes your Online Reputation.” By providing content that is timely and valuable you are Encouraging and Nurturing them. This is what leads to Closing the Sale.

A properly designed “nurture sequence” makes that happen.


Your landing pages (sales pages) must have one focus. Crowded pages confuse your visitor. Too many offers, products or services will discourage your visitor and they will simply go elsewhere.

One page – One Offer – One Focus – Simple.

I’m sure you’ve heard of a “CALL TO ACTION.”

But why is it important?

The purpose of a landing page is to motivate your visitor to take an action. Fill out your form give you a call or learn more. Your crafted landing page must be designed to specifically “ask” for this action.

If you are attracting the right audience and you ask clearlythey will act.

We can help this happen.

Do You Know What Your Internet Marketing Needs?

Your business is fueled by sales and your attention and focus should be on “Closing those Sales.”

Why? – Because no one knows your business like you do.  You can answer the questions, alleviate concerns, provide assurance and give your customers your very best. 

The marketing automation we provide for you is designed to take the internet advertising burden off of you – and give you the opportunity to do what you do best – it provides the “social” aspect of social media combined with the necessary sales aspects of any good sales team.

It works 24/7 – 365 days a year and never takes a sick day or vacation.

Would you benefit from an Automated Sales System that does that?

Custom Landing Pages & Our Stand-Alone Sales Sites :

What we say, and how we attract and appeal to Your audience, connects them to You – so they take action and make the switch, from Reader to Customer.

Conversion to a Customer is the Goal.

To reach your target audience requires the right research, coupled with the right words. (and Search Engine StrategyIt is not enough to say “We’re the Best” or “We’re #1” everybody says that (you’ve seen it!).

Your words, your Ad Copy and your Content must be specific and tuned to your “ready-buyer”. It must be relevant, it must connect, and speak as if you had “wire-tapped” your customer’s most important thoughts. Your bottom line depends on not wasting clicks, views, or your budget, on generic traffic.

Our custom landing pages and dedicated sales websites do just that – and are designed not to interfere or require changes to your existing website.

We build your Stand-Alone Sales site with the specific tools necessary to meet Your marketing needs – keeping it lean and compliant with Google, Facebook, Yelp and other platform requirements . . . giving your internet advertising the very best optimization available.

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Gregory Falicia

Owner & Author 

I’m a writer, instructor, and a technically savvy marketer…
I focus on what I am good at:

Driving sales oppertunities to your business.

2 Distinct Services for Generating Sales

Our Smart AdWords & Facebook Campaigns

(Where do you customers live Online?)

Would your target audience most likely to find you using the Yellow Pages? Or would you more likely be referred by a friend at your local coffee shop?

This is the difference between Google and Facebook.

We do our homework, to determine which platform will be the most effective place to start. 

Recognizing where your leads are likely to come from is key to online advertising success.

Then we build a customized and targeted sales automation process specifically tailored to reach them.

All designed to move your visitor from Reader to Lead to Customer, giving you the most bang-for-your-buck right out of the gate.

It defines the starting place for your online advertising campaign.

Our Smart SEO Service

(Search Engine Optimization)

Being on the first page of Google is very important to driving potential customers to your website.

But our methods can Start Attracting Leads Now. While you are on your way to the first page one.

– But why wait?

Many traditional strategies involve a lengthy process and are not necessarily tied into converting visitors to sales once they get you there.

Our Smart SEO methods will get you quickly to the first page of Google and drive visitors to become customers. All while advertising your Business, Products, or Services and Building your Brand online.

Isn’t this the end goal to begin with?

Our 100% Automated Online Sales System makes this possible so you can focus on your business and closing sales.

And it all happens while on your way to the Top of Google!

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