Any good inbound marketing strategy has several critical goals. These are must-haves for a successful business:

  • Increasing the “Right Traffic”
  • Capturing Leads, and 
  • Closing Sales 

Too many Marketers get stuck in the early stage of online advertising. Thinking that just increasing traffic will be enough to meet their clients’ expectations. 

But, increasing traffic alone won’t cut it, and it won’t get you to your end goal: Closing Sales.

You need to have a blueprint (a strategy) that turns the traffic you get, into leads, and then turns those into sales. That blueprint is called: “SEO Conversion Optimization.” 

So, what exactly is SEO Conversion Optimization? And, how do you successfully integrate it into your digital marketing strategy?

Read on to learn what you need to know.

What is SEO Conversion Optimization?

You’ll notice two key parts to the phrase SEO Conversion Optimization: SEO and Conversion Optimization. Let’s look at these as two semi-different elements, more closely. 

1. SEO is focused on optimization through organic search — getting eyeballs on what you have to say. This is done by the proper use of search terms, mingled with quality content that the intended reader can use. 

  • This is done by the proper use of search terms, mingled with quality content that the intended reader can use. 

2. Conversion Optimization is exactly what it sounds like. This means optimizing each element of your “Site” and your “Online Sales Funnel.”

  • Optimization uses links, social shares, and various forms of online advertising campaigns. Specifically focused on attracting the right leads into your funnel.

Both of these need to be packaged into one singular plan, that works together to get results.

That result is: The Acquisition of New Customers.

How is SEO conversion calculated? 

The SEO conversion rate is determined by how many users do what you’re asking them to do while viewing your site. Either on your website directly or through your online sales funnel. 

The result?  They “take action” based on your Call-to-Action (CTA). That is then compared to how many total number of visitors who viewed your site over a given period of time. 

Let’s say you have 50 visitors on your site and 5 of them actually take an action (downloading, signing up, opt-in, etc.). That means your conversion rate is 10%. (Which by Google standards would be a fantastic conversion rate!)

The next step is to better that ratio through SEO conversion optimization. How do you get more of those initial visitors into the “ready buyer” category and take action?

Bring the Two Efforts Together

You can take all the necessary steps to optimizing your website for organic search. You can create some of the most compelling content in your industry. 

But, you have to get the two of these components of your strategy to work together. When these two components coincide, you will convert readers into leads. And then leads into sales. 

To bring these together, let’s should back up and start from the readers’ point of view. At a high level, there are 3 typical types of searches people use when browsing online.

1. Informational – They are searching for information on a topic.

2. Navigational – They are searching for a specific website.

3. Transactional – They are searching for a specific product or sale.

What is the purpose of each type?

As a business marketing, your products or services you must understand the “why” behind the searchers need. 

For example: 

  • Informational Search: the person is trying to learn something.
  • Navigational Search: they know who they want to connect with and are now trying to find them.
  • Transactional Search: they know what they want and are now trying to find who offers what they want or need.

Knowing this will help you decide what conversion action you want your readers to take. Then, design the best strategy for creating that conversion.

Based on what your audience is looking for, you’ll need your SEO efforts to back that up. For instance, let’s use the informational example:

If you’re driving conversions through information, quality and quantity are very important. You want to publish quality content and published frequently.

Doing that establishes you as the authority in your market. Once your reader trusts that you truly understand their needs, the conversion to a customer will happen.

But, if your searcher is coming to you using a navigational search, you want to focus your efforts on visibility. Basically: traffic and views. Increasing the flow of traffic to your site makes it easier for searchers to locate you. 

Lastly, if your searcher comes to you through a transactional search, you’ll want to do two things. 

First, you need to increase the number of quality visitors that is, you want to attract your ready buyers. Those who are viewing to your page, are actually interested in buying.  

You’re ready buyers know what they want or need and are ready to buy now. Attracting these folks is a science unto itself and is part of the SEO Conversion Optimization process. This is done by crafting ad copy that reaches them. At the same time automatically filters out those who are not part of your target audience.

Also, you’ll want to frequently analyze the usability of your site. Is it mobile-readable? Is it responsive? Is it fast? Is your site is too difficult to navigate? Any friction here will put a halt to the sale. 

How do I drive sales thru SEO conversion optimization? 

The most effective way to drive sales via SEO conversion is through quality content. You need to give your audience what they need when they need it.  

When a searcher is doing their research, looking up questions and looking for products, you want your ad or web page to come up and attract them. Even more, you want your web page to have the answers or solutions to their wants or needs. 

You’ve heard it said, “Content is King” and so it is!  So, you must tie in the features I mentioned above. They include adding quality links to your pages, sharing on social media, and online paid advertising. 

When done correctly you can really drive the whole process home. 

Why aren’t my visitors converting? 

Merely generating traffic isn’t enough for customer acquisition. You need to thoroughly review your SEO conversion rate to see what is and isn’t working. Keep what works and discard what doesn’t. Take what works and improve it and then . . . do it again!

You should be monitoring your visitors’ behavior on your site. If you have a staff member who is good with analytical data, work with them to uncover deeper insights about your visitors. 

Use what you uncover to craft new web pages, ad copy, and online sales funnels.

Successful SEO Conversion Optimization requires reviewing each stage of your visitors’ experience. Go through on your website and online sales funnel carefully. 

Understand key points of friction like:

  • At what point are they leaving your site?
  • How often does a sale happen?
  • How long does it take for a sale to happen?

Analyze from a Your Visitors’ Perspective

If you’re still seeing pitfalls in your conversion rate, friction could be the issue. Friction is anything that slows or stops the process of a sale. 

It could be your website or ad copy. Your offer or CTA. Or your online sales funnel. In any case, you will need to identify any friction points between your visitor and your site and the sale

Some fundamental areas are:

  • Are there any errors on your landing pages that prevent a reader from taking action? 
  • Is your site easy for a user to navigate?
  • Is your site 100% mobile-friendly? (Google is now HIGHLY encouraging this!)

You should simplify your visitors’ experience by providing one-click navigation. 

They should easily be able to take the action you want them to take. (downloading, signing up, opt-in, etc.) And do it with as little friction as possible.

Test your CTAs (call-to-action). Are they too complex? Do they attract your target audience?  The most powerful CTAs speak to your reader as if you had wire-tapped their very thoughts.

If you’re still having difficulty, go back to the basics. Are your website loading times taking longer than normal? Is the content you produced actually relevant, interesting and timely to your reader?


The more accurately you can determine your site’s friction points, the better off you’ll be and the sooner you will have an online marketing machine that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year never takes a sick day or vacation. 

Consider One Loop Marketing your ‘one-stop shop’ for all your digital advertising needs. We focus on attracting leads, not just generating traffic to your site. Visit our website to learn about our services and how our solutions can help you! 

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