Do you get tons of hits to your website, but miss out on conversions?

There’s nothing more frustrating than wasted traffic.

The average website conversion rate falls around 2.35%, so if yours is lower, you’re in trouble.

However, if you have a higher conversion rate, don’t think there isn’t room for improvement! – You can always do better.

Ready to learn how to instantly boost conversions by making some simple changes to your website?

Let’s do this!

1. Improved Usability Gets Them to Stay!

If your website’s difficult to use, it’s unlikely that customers will stick around long enough to make a purchase.

A worthy investment is to pay for some user testing of your site.

Look out for any areas that seem to be causing confusion. Usertesting shoud help reveal these areas. 

Anything from navigation bars, search fields, product pages, or CTA buttons.

Once you’ve identified the main issues, make appropriate changes to your site. Then commission a few more user tests to make sure that everything’s been rectified.

Making your site easy to use, is the first step to keeping your visitors . . . and you’ll earn more – it’s simple.

2. Does Your Site Look Trustworthy?

Appearance isn’t everything but it does make for a first impression.

Nobody wants to buy from a dodgy looking site. So making sure your site looks trustworthy is part of that first impression.

Your website design should look professional and sleek. Be sure there are no spelling mistakes, broken links, or error messages.

Next, if you haven’t already . . . get an SSL certificate, and display the SSL provider logo at the foot of each page. This reassures users that browsing your site is safe.

Finally, be sure to add your contact details. Your address, phone number, and company email address help establish legitamacy.

They should be easily visible. They go along way towards reassuring potential buyers that you won’t scam them.

3. Are Your Conversion Buttons Above the Fold?

Have you got an awesome conversion button, call-to-action, or special offer? That’s great – but make sure it’s actually visible.

Your most important conversion elements should always be positioned above the fold. This is so users don’t have to scroll down to see them.

This massively increases the chance of clicks, which can then lead to conversions.

Some conversion buttons might make sense at the end of pages or the bottom of blog posts.

But remember: 

Not everyone will get that far. I reccomend 2 to 3 as strategically placed as your scroll down the page.

If there’s a more prominent location that works, use it!

4. Display Clear “Guarantee” or “Returns” Information

Whether you are in a “products and services” industry or eCommerce:

There is no substitute for clear information about your “guarantee” or “returns policy”. 

Making it easy for your customer to understand what you are guaranteeing or how to return or get a refund if needed is part of good customer service.

Displaying clear “returns” or “guarantee” information reassures buyers that they’re protected. Having a clear policy also helps you to avoid disputes, and clearly sets the expectations from the start. 

Avoiding misunderstandings can keep your customer reviews on the positive side. And you definitely want that!

No business should operate without a “guarantee and/or returns policy”, so make sure yours is clear.

5. Offer a Variety of Payment Options

Is there anything more frustrating than getting to ready to make a purchase, then realizing that you don’t have the right card or payment account?

Not accepting a wide variety of payment methods can really hurt your website conversion rate. Don’t miss out on profits.!

In this day and age, there’s simply no excuse not to accept multiple forms of payment. 

Most online site builders make it easy to create a store that affects credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and other popular payment methods.

Taking a few hours to set this up will positivly increase your sales.

6. Provide Live Chat Customer Support

What if customers have a last minute question about one of your products or services?

If they can’t get an answer right away, they’ll probably go to a competitor who can help them.

Having a 24/7 live chat option on your site is an excellent way to answer customer queries the moment they’re sent. 

Businesses who have this option have seen great results. It boosts your website conversion rate and improves your customer service.

Many 3rd party companies offer to run this 24/7 feature for a small fee. This might be an option for you so you don’t loose sleep with your smartphone under your pillow!

7. Publish Your Reviews and Testimonials

It’s been found that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

That’s an impressive finding and one that you need to take advantage of if you want to boost conversions.

If you’re selling products, connect with your previous customers inviting them to leave a rating and review directly on your site. 

If you’ve got positive testimonials from happy clients, publish them on a dedicated page, along with a headshot of each customer.

Video reviews are super-effective when it comes to building trust – if you can get some by sending free products to online influencers.

8. Promote Time-Limited Offers

Shall I buy it… or shall I wait?

This is the question many visitors to your site will be asking themselves.

Give them a nudge in the right direction by displaying time-limited offers with large countdown timers.

Creating a sense of urgency that encourage shoppers to buy right away is powerful. It will have a big positive impact on your overall website conversion rate.

9. Develop Strong Calls to Action

When you want people to take action, you need to use strong language.

Try using action verbs like, ‘Grab’, ‘Take,’ and ‘Buy’, along with words like ‘Now’, ‘Today’, and ‘Quickly’, to convey a sense of urgency.

If possible, carry out A/B testing to see which calls to action lead to the most conversions, and use this to decide your future strategies.

10. Don’t Ask for Too Much Information

You don’t need every customer’s life story the moment they decide to make a purchase with you.

Ask only for the essential details, like name, address, and payment method, and worry about getting more in-depth data later on.

The less info they have to fill in, the more likely visitors are to convert.

Tips to Boost Website Conversion Rate

Boosting your website conversion rate is all about making life easy for your visitors.

A site that’s easy to navigate, looks trustworthy and provides good customer service is guaranteed to increase your sales.

For an extra boost, experiment with time-limited offers, strong calls to action, and special discounts.

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