Businesses spend hours creating written content without seeing a large return on investment. Steep competition blocks search rankings while small social followings limit the content’s exposure.

Businesses often forward their production without a regard for older pieces. Owners push on with the idea of “more is better” and flood followers with new content.

Don’t let the content go to waste: repurpose it!

Repurposing content into a video format gives a fresh take to old topics. This revives efforts and delivers a new medium indexed in search. The new format becomes accessible to followers through favorite social channels.

Want to know how to repurpose content for traffic and conversions? Read on . . .

The Repurposed Content Types Perfect for Video

Cisco believes 90% of all online content will be video by 2019. This shouldn’t surprise you considering Google and social platforms invest in video content.

Simply put: Your leads and customers prefer video.

Video has many benefits over written content:

  • Humanizes the content and creates an emotional connection
  • Easier to keep engagement due to visuals and audio sensory
  • Better displays a product or service use and features
  • It taps into wildly popular video sharing platforms

But, not every old post on your business’s blog should see the video treatment.

Use the following for your repurpose blog content types:


Each of your “frequently asked questions” page items could become a separate video! This presents practical advice eliminating time-consuming follow-up questions. Optimized content will also appear in a search for those inquiries.


Step-by-step tutorials likely used screengrabs detailing the process. Increase the value by redoing the content as video with commentary! This lets users follow along easier increasing engagement and possible conversions.

Internal Docs

Your business may have several internal documents for employees — including:

  • Job training
  • HR procedures
  • Safety guides
  • Supply chain

Converting internal documents to video could increase the simplicity and effectiveness of onboarding.


Repurposing content creates a new, potential revenue stream for businesses tapping white-labeling. This could create template-style videos sold to clients for their reseller services.


A PowerPoint presentation is a video without automatic movement and sound, essentially. Your business could repurpose presentations by adding music and transitions. This turns the work into a simple video!

Content Series

A content series like “How To Use X” or “Learn Y: The Ultimate Guide” could become a free or paid video course.

Try repurposing and structuring the content for an opt-in course. Or, distributed on eLearning platforms. This could create a huge incentive to collect emails or act as a money-making opportunity.

Guest Content

Rework owned guest posts into new, video content for your website and social channels. The guest post continues acting as a link building and leads generating asset. But, you now have a piece in your owned domains.


News articles lose value within days after publication. This clutters your business blog and could take away from keywords & topics.

Instead, keep the news on a single, always-updated page. Here, you’ll publish daily video using the written content as closed captioning, instead.

Landing Page

Consider swapping the long-winded landing page with a short and concise video. Turn the bullet points into title sequences with body copy as supporting content.

Turn Written Content into Video:

Repurposing content into a video is cheap and easy using tools you have on your person or at the business. A decent smartphone with a high-quality camera or a 1080p video recorder will suffice!

Here’s how to make those brand new videos:


The important content elements of the old posts are present. But, you’ll want to trim superfluous information to create shorter, engaging videos.

Do this:

  1. Copy & paste the blog content into a text editor
  2. Read and highlight the important information
  3. Trim non-highlighted content and condense the rest
  4. Add transitional elements to segway into each topic

Perfection isn’t important as your presentation will likely change during the production process. Aim to create an outline versus a 1:1 script.


Video production is now easier-than-ever. This is thanks to access to high-quality recording equipment in the palm of our hands.

Do this:

  1. Attach your smartphone or video camera to a tripod
  2. Position yourself against a solid color wall
  3. Attach a lapel microphone to your body
  4. Memorize the script bullet points or a DIY teleprompter
  5. Open the camera or favorite video camera app
  6. Press record and create your raw video

This may take a few attempts and need b-roll shots. But, you’ll soon have the raw footage editable for the final production.


There are many free and paid editing tools for video creation — like:

  • Windows Movie Maker
  • YouTube’s built-in editor
  • Sony Vegas or Adobe Audition

Your editing doesn’t need to be fancy.

A few title screens and jump cuts will piece a coherent, engaging video. Use this editing time to remove pauses. Then, export the video to the highest quality.


Finally, publish your video to multiple platforms for the greatest exposure:

  • Your blog
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Otherwise, upload the video to YouTube and use embedding tools and links for the other channels.

Remember to:

  • Optimize the title and description using valuable keywords
  • Include a detailed description (also including keywords)

Congratulations! You’ve successfully repurposed content to a new format!

A Bonus Opportunity for Repurposing Content

One item to mention is the value of reworking old content with newer formats.

Scripting and producing video from old content introduces new concepts and research. This information can then used to update old content. All while applying new best practices to help increase search and social signals.

The process goes like this (after the video creation):

  1. Update SEO opportunities found during video development
  2. Fill in extra sections to boost content depth
  3. Embed the new video into the old post

The new structure and expanded content improve the content’s value. You also have a strong, fresh piece worthy of resharing. And, a perfect opportunity to email your newsletter and drive followers to your site!

Discover the Power of Video Marketing

Your business has the written content and done all it can to show a respectable return on investment. Take it one further by exploring video marketing.

We’ve outlined which old content types to recreate as video. We’ve also detailed how to create the video. The process isn’t difficult but becomes tedious for time and resource-stretched owners.

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