Social media marketing is the new popular kid on the block in advertising. Don’t believe us? Check out this statistic. In 2015 companies spent 9.4 billion dollars on social media ads. That was only in the United States, the largest social media market in the world.

On any given day, 1.37 billion people are using Facebook, the largest social network. That’s a huge potential audience. Why not take advantage of it?

Have you already jumped on the Facebook ads bandwagon? Do you feel like you’re not getting much return on investment (ROI)?

In this article we’ll discuss how to improve your Facebook ads ROI. Don’t miss out on this powerful advertising tool for your business. Your competition sure won’t.

Understand Audience Insights

First, it is very important that you understand how to use the audience insights tool. The primary way to increase your Facebook ads ROI is to put them in front of the right audience.

Use the insight tool to understand how to hone your audience. You can blast a Facebook ad to everyone, but that is not as effective. Take a few minutes to pick the type of person that your product will interest.

How do you know which demographic groups to pick? The audience insights tool helps you figure that out.

Give it a try. Go to audience insights on Facebook and choose the ‘everyone on Facebook’ option. Add a location and interest. For example, if you sell cookbooks, look for folks with an interest in cooking and recipes.

With only those two criteria you can find out a lot. You’ll discover if you should target men or women and what age group.

There are a variety of options for narrowing down your audience. Try job titles, relationship status, level of education and pages they’ve liked.

Activity (like clicking on ads) is also very useful to know. People that have clicked on Facebook ads in the past will more often do it again.

You can also find household information and very useful purchasing information.

Create Custom Audiences

Now it’s time to create a custom audience. People more often make purchases from brands they are familiar with or at least aware of.

Keeping that in mind, you can create a custom audience based on folks that know you in some way.

You can target people that fall into the same categories as your existing customers. You can target folks who have already visited your website.

If you have an app, you can target people who used it. And you can target people who have interacted with your content in the past.

Don’t Add Too Much Text

Now that you’ve got your audience, you want to take care with how your present your ad.

Too much text is a no-no. Visual content is far more eye-catching and will have a stronger impact.

It’s fine to use text and images together, but the image is your hook. Don’t get too caught up in saying the right things. Pay attention instead to showing the right things.

Make sure you use high-resolution images. Plus, bright colors call more attention than muted ones.

Pay close attention to how your ad looks as a whole. Does it call attention to itself? People see ads all the time and tune them out without even realizing what it was for. Make sure that your ad gets noticed.

Choose Ad Frequency With Care

Ad frequency is a very delicate balance. In general, people need to see something about 3 times before they’ll remember it. That means you do need to show your ads to the same people a few times.

But how many times is the right? Too few and they won’t notice you, too many and they may block your content. People don’t want to feel like you are spamming them.

You may have to play with ad frequency a little until you see what works for your audience.

But don’t worry, we’ll give you something to start with. Set your ad frequency at no less than 3 but no more than 10 for newsfeed ads. If you’re advertising in the sidebar adjust your numbers to no less than 10 but no more than 40.

Send Welcome Emails to New Leads

When you get a new lead, send a welcome email. This adds a personal touch that shows people you care.

Providing great customer service shows people you are not only interested in profits. Of course, the end game is that they will buy something from you.

But people want to buy from companies that will go the extra mile. That helps them feel secure that you will fix a problem if it arises and ensures their loyalty.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

Another great way to improve your Facebook ads ROI has to do with your website. Many people browsing Facebook are doing so on a mobile device.

If they click on your link and find a cumbersome web page they will often get frustrated and leave. You went to a lot of work to draw business to your site only to drive it away again.

Optimize Your Website’s Load Speed

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the last one. Make sure your landing page from your Facebook ad loads fast.

People don’t have long attention spans anymore. Most people won’t wait more than a few seconds for the page to load. If it takes longer than that, you’ve lost them.

Improve Your Facebook Ads ROI

Now it’s time to put these tips to the test. Set up a new campaign incorporating these ideas and see what happens. If you do it right, you should see your Facebook ads ROI go up.

Looking for even more information about how to use Facebook ads? Check out this postthat offers 8 more tips for getting good results out of Facebook ads.

For more individualized marketing help and tips, contact us today! We’re all about helping people learn to market in the way that’s right for their business.

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